Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

1. An Application Form must be filled in respect of each and every course.


2. Students sponsored by employers / organisations must attach a letter of authorization from the sponsoring employer / organisation to the Application Form.


3. Completed Application Form together with the applicable Course Fee should be handed over to NetAssist at least ONE WEEK prior to the commencement of the course. Late Registrations will be entertained only an availability of places.


4. Books, if any, will be issued only after full payment of Course Fees.


5. It is the responsibility of the Student to pay the Course Fee before the stipulated date. Those who have not paid the Course Fees may not be permitted to attend lecture / practical sessions / Exams. All payments must be made to the Authorized Accounts Staff only.


6. All receipts issued by NetAssist in respect of Course Fee payments should be retained for a minimum period of six months. Requests for refunding of Course Fees will not be entertained.


7. Any request for postponement, transfer or leave should be submitted in writing to the Programme Head concerned. The acceptance / denial of such requests would be at the sole discretion of the NetAssist and will be notified to the Student in writing.


8. The Training / Lecture Schedules will be provided to the Students in advance and any changes / deviations to the schedules will be notified.


9. Punctuality and regular attendance are essential as lectures and examinations / tests once conducted will not be repeated. A Daily Attendance Register is maintained and Students are required to record their attendance by signing against their name in the Attendance Register each session. Less than 70% attendance, unless stipulated otherwise, may render the student not eligible to sit the Examinations / Tests and receive Certificates.


10. In the event of extended absence due to sickness, the Programme Head should be informed accordingly as early as possible by the Student or by the Sponsor. Such absence must be covered by valid medical certificates subsequently.


11. NetAssist reserves the right to cancel or reschedule Courses due to class size and any other unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances, and registered Students will be informed in advance in such instances.


12. Students shall strictly adhere to the Dress Code of Smart Casual / Informal wear. Rubber Slippers /Shorts / Sleeveless tops shall not be worn.


13. Smoking is strictly prohibited within NetAssist premises. Partaking of Meals and Snacks is not permitted in the classrooms / Test Centre and shall be confined to the Meal Room only.


14. It is the responsibility of the Student to look after his / her own belongings. NetAssist shall not be responsible any damaged / lost property of Students.


15. NetAssist shall not be responsible for physical injury caused due to negligence or lack of safety consciousness on the part of Students. Furthermore, any damage caused to the property of NetAssist under such circumstances could result in disciplinary action being taken against the Students as well as charges being levied for replacement / repairs of such damaged property.


16. Utilization of training aids, especially the audio / video training aids and computer facilities shall be strictly for learning / study purposes. NetAssist reserves the right to take disciplinary action in the event of misuse of these facilities.


17. NetAssist reserves the right to terminate the studentship of any Student without warning and compensation in the event the Student is found to be responsible for: a. Use of threat, abusive language or force on Students and Staff of NetAssist, b. Wilful damage to the property of NetAssist, c. Stealing of property of NetAssist.


18. Similarly, in the event any act detrimental to the good image of NetAssist has been committed by a Student, NetAssist reserves the right to take severe disciplinary action even up to termination of studentship of the Student after an inquiry.


19. Students must bring their Student Identity Card and Student Record Card on all days and Student Identity card shall be worn at all times within the NetAssist premises. Those who do not possess the Student Identity Card may not be permitted entry to the NetAssist premises.


20. Suggestions and constructive criticism from Students / Sponsors towards improvement of learning experience is welcome. Any complaints and / or grievances should be promptly brought to the notice of the Programme Head and / or Class and Programme Administrator. If Students still feel aggrieved, they may request an interview with the General Manager.


21. This document may be amended as and when such amendments are deemed necessary and the current and valid version of this document will be available on the NetAssist website – www.netassist.com.lk.


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